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Of course nobody want to stare the whole day at an annoying wallpaper, something like a clear white screen, not on your desktop but also not on your mobile phone or tablet or any other device. Every time you switch between programs or when you start up your device you will see your wallpaper, that is also when you just wake up and check your mobile or tablet or when you just arrive on work and start up your computer so make sure it will not make your day more sad than it already is ''joke only''. If you love nature wallpapers than make sure you choose a nice nature wallpaper so you will get an holiday feeling everytime when you look at your wallpaper. it will also give you a relaxing effect. It can also be that you just like a simple wallpaper. Or if you like to drive in a really nice car but you cant afford it you can at least choose a nice car as background on your device. Or you choose some nice cartoons if your still a child. We also have some tips for you which can help you by choosing your wallpaper, the more light your wallpapers is the less sleepy you get. If your wallpaper is really dark it will make you sleepy cause bluelight will activate some parts of your brains. So you can also choose a really light colored wallpaper to stay awake and keep full of energy. Another thing to look at is the size of your wallpaper, make sure your wallpaper is never to small for your screen cause your device will scale it automatically and than you have to less pixels to make it look nice sharp. Than better check the resolution of your screen first and than choose the same or a bigger resolution than your own screen is. For the rest the wallpaperyou choose depends on your personal interests, it can be cars, nature, cartoons, landscapes, animals, famous people etc. You can also choose a wallpaper which will fit by the style of your device. Her some more nice wallpapers enjoy! Oh and atleast before we forget this be creative and help other people by creating your own wallpapers or just customize somone else his wallpaper so we always have nice fresh wallpapers.